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Our Story

From Belgium to America

Anyone craving authentic mouth-watering waffles need look no further than Wafflejack. We bring the best traditional street food from Belgium to America, for a sweet treat, quick meal, or snack on the go. We offer two kinds of authentic Belgian waffles: Brussels and Liege waffles. Both are made-to-order, fast! They are used in a range of sweet and savory treats, with a menu that takes a unique approach to a traditional concept.

Only the Best Quality

made fresh, daily

All of our menu items are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients—from waffles, toppings to delicious drinks. We use imported pearl sugar from Belgium to create our rich, buttery dough for our Liege waffles and yeast-leavened Housemade batter for our Brussels waffles. To top it off—every waffle is served in trays adorned with a Wafflejack mustache, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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